Kater Holzig Berlin

Leigh Sawmill Cafe

Bar 25 Berlin

Verona Cafe K’rd, AUckland

Design for Marketing Communications

Freelance creative design and production.
From the big idea to the individual mechanics

I design to strategic goals and objectives. Specialising in advertising, branding and promoting products and businesses. I provide strong conceptual and creative ideas and an excellent understanding of business strategy and objectives.

I have worked in a senior role as art director and creative director in advertising agencies, and as creative consultant and freelance creative to them and directly to businesses.

I create and develop brand identities from logo designs to print, DM, POP/POS, for brand promotions and advertising to multimedia and web site application.

A user of Adobe Creative Suite , Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Final Cut Pro and Dreamweaver.
I have been using Apple Macintosh computers for over 15 years, having a complete familiarity with systems and software used for Print, Film, Television and Web Site Design & Production.

Contact me by Email:

paul@konings.co.nz or Phone: +64 21 959 929